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Singletrack Solutions Colorado Trailmaps - Multiple Locations
The gold-bar standard of trail maps for the state of Colorado! Beautiful Cartography! Cartography is a craft and Singletrack Solutions has taken an enormous effort to create beautiful maps Detailed Singletrack Solutions has spent years collecting geographic data and using local knowledge to give you the most detailed cartography. Lots of the information and geographic knowledge on these maps can't be found on any other maps. What Makes Them Different? Pocket Size Singletrack Solutions maps are designed to easily fit into a jersey pocket, bike shorts or just a regular pocket. No need to take your backpack off and dig out that bulky map. Trail Ratings Trail segments are rated based on difficulty. These ratings help you choose a trail to suit what you want to ride. Simple and easy to understand. Trail Information Trail information panels are included on each side of the map. These information panels describe the most popular local rides & include specific ride stats like mileage and elevation gain / loss. Want to plan out your ride the night before? These descriptions help you decide what to do and what to expect. Also includes important campground information. Field Checked & Accurate Field checked cartography for the most accurate and up-to-date map available. Singletrack Solutions doesn't rely on other parties for data, they get outside and collect their own trail and geographic data. Singletrack Solutions is staffed by cartographers whose job is to make the best possible map for you, the user. They are NOT web programmers putting digital overlays ?onto web maps just so they can earn money from advertising. Detailed Roads All roads cleanly labeled so you can navigate to the trailhead, the local shops, or campgrounds. Local Information Outdoor shops, bike shops & MOST importantly microbreweries! Waterproof Paper Printed on waterproof and tear-resistant paper for rugged toughness. Doubles as an umbrella during those unexpected downpours. Ride Stats & Trail Notes Quick statistics on local rides. Showing mileage & kilometers. Elevation gain / loss. Trail notes like Hike-A-Bike sections and other notes. Important Stuff Quickly look up emergency contact info. Side panels list contact information for various local agencies and information that you won't find on any other map. See the Whole Picture Stop staring at that tiny phone screen & see the entire landscape in one glance on this map! Beautiful and accurate cartography gives you the big picture view without having to scroll around on a 4" digital screen. No batteries or power required, ever! It just works. Local Made in Colorado. From the cartography to the final printing. Every step takes place in Colorado. Not only are these maps made in Colorado, but they are only available at locally owned stores. Buy Local!
 DBTC Denver Route Map
Denver Bicycle Touring Club has been putting this map out for years and in a city that feature over 150 miles of paths, you may rest assured you have the authoritative, up-to-date map of all of them here.
 Team 7-Eleven
In 1980, there were exactly four professional bike racers in America. Six years later, an American cycling team would wear the coveted yellow jersey of the Tour de France. And that same team would go on to win Italy’s greatest race—the Giro d’Italia—only two years later. Team 7-Eleven is the extraordinary story of how two Olympic speed skaters, Jim Ochowicz and Eric Heiden, pulled together a small group of amateur cyclists and turned them into one of the greatest cycling teams the sport has known. From humble beginnings in a barn in Pennsylvania to soaring victories in the French Alps, Team 7-Eleven is the complete history that has never been fully told—until now. The 7-Eleven Cycling Team—Team 7-Eleven for short—launched the careers of American cycling superstars Andy Hampsten, Davis Phinney, Bob Roll, Ron Kiefel, and many more. It also changed the cycling world, creating a new team structure based on multiple stars, unified goals, and personal sacrifice for the greater good. And yet at the time it was formed, the number of American cyclists with world-class experience could be counted—literally—on one hand. And the number of American teams that competed in Europe’s biggest races was exactly zero. Team 7-Eleven is the amazing story of how two cycling fans found one exceptional sponsor and created the greatest American cycling team of its era. Written with the enthusiastic cooperation of the team members, Team 7-Eleven will impress cycling fans with behind-the-scenes stories of the team’s founding, its growing pains, and its lasting success as the team that established America as a powerhouse in the world of professional cycling. Team 7-Eleven: How an Unsung Band of American Cyclists Took on the World–and Won Geoff Drake with Jim Ochowicz Forewords by Eric Heiden and Eddy Merckx Hardcover with jacket. 100 color and b&w photographs throughout. 6? x 9?, 320 pp., $27.95, 9781934030530
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