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To serve your needs, we built a dedicated space within our bicycle service department to professionally service shocks, forks, and dropper posts. We've been certified by factory-trained technicians to handle mountain bike suspension systems in-house, and we have the expertise, tools, lubricants, seals, and parts to keep you rolling safely and smoothly.

Does my suspension need service? What's involved in your in-house suspension services? Learn more.


Suspension performance declines gradually. So gradually, in fact, that you may not even be aware that it’s happening.

Why does my suspension need to be serviced on a regular basis?

Front and rear suspension use oil to lubricate the shock as it moves through its travel, and the oil is also used to provide damping for the shock. This helps to control the speed at which the shock moves through its travel both on compression and rebound as well as keeps seals, wipers and O-rings lubricated so they can do their jobs. Failure to change the oil, seals and wipers can cause a drastic decrease in performance as well as cause bushing and stanchion wear leading to costly parts replacement.

How often should I have my suspension serviced?

Most manufacturers recommend about 125 hours or once a year - whichever comes first.

What are some of the signs that I may need my suspension serviced?

  • Fork is not holding air
  • Oil leakage from the top, around the dust wipers on the fork or at the bottom of your rear shock
  • External adjustments have no effect on how the shock behaves (rebound or compression)
  • Oil leakage from around the adjustment knobs
  • Lockout no longer works
  • Fork or rear shock makes a clunking noise during compression stroke or there is a slurpy or swishing sound coming from the rear shock.

Front Suspension Service Information

Just like engine oil, suspension fluids can become dirty and break down, leading to bushing and stanchion tube damage as well as a decrease in performance. Help prevent costly repair or replacement with this annual service. WRC suspension techs will disassemble, inspect your fork for damaged parts, install new wipers and foam rings, bleed the damper with appropriate weight oil and service the air/coil spring side of the fork. The result? A plush trouble free ride and many hours of enjoyment on the trail.

Rear Suspension Service Information

There are two components to servicing the rear shock: the air canister or air spring and, deeper inside, the damping system which controls compression or pedal platform and rebound.

Air Canister Service Information

Fox rear shocks/Rock Shox rear shocks: Our trained service techs will disassemble the air canister and replace o-rings, seals, and bushings with factory parts. The shock will then be lubricated properly and reinstalled while making sure air pressure and external settings are just as they were when brought in.

Full Service for Fox and Rock Shox Rear Shocks

Our trained service techs will completely disassemble the shock, inspect for damage and worn parts, replace all O-rings and glide rings, replace damper fluid and bleed so it’s free of air and recharge with nitrogen.

Rear Shocks We Do Not Service
  • Ohlins
  • Cane Creek
  • Specialized Brain

Note: for rear shocks that we do not work on, we are happy to arrange service for these shocks offsite.
Additionally, we cannot service rear shocks more than five years old, and cannot service Marzocchi or Manitou suspension products.


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