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MountainFLOW Plant-Based Bike Grease 4 oz.

MountainFLOW Plant-Based Bike Grease 4 oz.
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This item can be purchased online and picked up curbside from our store.


This plant-based grease is great for all of your non-drivetrain related lubrication. It provides long lasting lubrication to extend the life of your components and keep you bike running super smooth. Plus, it is entirely biodegradable and non-toxic.

HIGH PERFORMANCE: This grease was engineered specifically for use on bike and it provides exceptional lubricity in even the toughest conditions.

PLANT BASED: This high performance grease is made entirely with plant-based material. We meticulously sourced plant-based lubricants that can match or out perform a traditional petroleum-based grease.

BIODEGRADABLE: Since this grease is made from plants, it is completely biodegradable. Inevitably some of the grease from your bike will end up in the environment and with our product you can rest assured that it will break down into its natural components.

WATERPROOF: This grease is extremely hydrophobic and will repel water from the components of your bike that should stay free of any water.

NON-TOXIC: Our grease is safe for use on all materials and surfaces and it is non-toxic

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