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Enduro Bites Nano Recovery Drops 900mg

Enduro Bites Nano Recovery Drops 900mg
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We start with the highest quality, full-spectrum hemp-extract available. Then we create use of nanodispersion technology to turn each drop of CBD into a million "nano" drops. This enhances the bioavailability, in part by allowing it to mix well in water. In contrast to normal CBD, which doesn't mix well because it is an oil, these nanoparticles bypass some of the digestive processes required for lipids and allow it to be absorbed more effectively and begin working faster.

If you have taken CBD in the past, you may want to start with a lower dosage of our Nano CBD due to this improved bioavailability.

What's the difference between our CBD Nano Softgels and CBD Nano Drops? Besides the obvious of one being a capsule and the other being a liquid, the CBD Nano Drops are great when you want to add a little CBD magic to your water bottle for long, hard workouts. They can also be added to coffee and any other liquid, or be dropped directly into your mouth.

Another notable difference is the process used to make the drops filters out more THC, allowing us to claim "no detectable THC."