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Dynaplug Carbon Racer Tubeless Road Kit
LOOKING FOR THE "ULTRALITEST" TUBELESS TIRE PLUGGER IN THE WORLD? Dynaplug® holds the prize! Without a doubt, this Carbon Racer tool is the optimal onboard choice for tubeless bike riders who crave everything featherweight and beyond. ONLY 14 grams (less than one half ounce) packages the fastest tool to plug pesky punctures that evade sealant. We pulled out all the stops with this one to beat the scale but being lite doesn’t mean it’s not tough! This tool molded of Nylon 6 plus 30% glass fill fibers which creates it's Carbon black matte surface. Dynaplug Racer Road tools come with 5 soft nose repair plugs. Snap on caps allow it to be deployed quickly and keep the plugs clean. Another special feature is the complimentary Carbon Silicone holder that neatly installs under the bottle cage to make the Racer easily accessible. The silicone holder weighs in at 10 grams. Limited Lifetime Warranty - Made in USA What's in the box: Road Kit 1 - Dynaplug® Carbon Racer 5 - Standard Soft Nose Plugs 1 - Pipe cleaner 1 - Cage Mount Silicone Holder
Dynaplug Megaplug Tubeless Tire Repair Plugs 3 Pack
Dynaplug Megaplugs are constructed from viscoelastic rubber impregnated cord and 6061 aluminum tip. These plugs are specially designed to repair large punctures in tubeless bicycle tires. They are approximately three times the thickness of a standard plug (approximately 7/32"). Only for use with Dynaplug Racer or Micro Pro/Pill with Megaplug Conversion Kit. Made in USA
Dynaplug Racer Pro Tubeless Tire Repair Kit
$54.99 - $57.99
The Dynaplug® Racer Pro improves upon the legendary Racer's original design with Twin Tube™ technology. This allows you to store 4 pre-loaded plugs ready to go in a single tool. Snap-on caps protect plugs from dirt and damage. When your ready to make a repair, just pop off a cap to deploy either a standard size plug (with wheel-friendly soft brass tip) or the aluminum Megaplug for mega-big punctures. If you need more plugs just unthread the Twin Tube™ and flip it around for more plugging action! Machined in Chico California from US-made billet aluminum and stainless steel, the Racer Pro weighs 26g, only 2g more than the prior generation, yet delivers twice the puncture-defeating power! What's in the box: 1 - Dynaplug® Racer Pro Tool 1 - Megaplug 3 - Standard Plugs 1 - Standard Twin Tube™ 1 - Standard/Megaplug Twin Tube™ General Specifications Tool Body Construction: Anodized/Non Ano Billet 6061 Aluminum Dimensions: 4.25” x .44” Weight 26 grams loaded Insertion Tube: Hardened 304 Stainless Steel Plug Material: Viscoelastic Impregnated Rubber Plug Tip: Nonabrasive Brass and 6061 Aluminum
Dynaplug Standard Plugs Refill 5-Pack
Dynaplug® tubeless tire repair plugs are constructed from viscoelastic rubber impregnated cord and non-abrasive brass tip. The plugs are specially designed to be inserted directly into a puncture after object has been removed. A repair can last the life of your tire if installed correctly. Only for use with Dynaplug® Air, Racer and Micro Pro/Pill. Made in USA
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