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Begging for your input, chomping to respond. Flick it, pedal it, pump it to the moon. A stoke-making mutation of fun-focused DNA, blinding proof that less can be a whole lot more. Come out to play. You bet your ass the SB135 is still down. Dart. Weave. Drift. There are main lines and race lines. And then there are the completely unexpected lines that require a rider with a different headspace all together. Riders looking to find the fun love the SB135 for its quick-witted playfulness, agility, and its ability to unlock creativity.
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Forget the numbers. Mute the speculation. Let the other guys invent cute alternatives for "cross country". Steer clear of pigeon holes and limiting beliefs. Strap on your blinders and go get lost. Then decide what the SB120 means to you. And you alone. Definition ready. TRAIL. CHECK MATE. Crushing souls on the descent is more than half the fun. And a hell of a lot more than half the point. The SB120 is wicked quick in your direction of choice. FEATURES: SWITCH INFINITY. RECALCULATED. Discover the new Switch Infinity: the next-gen of translating pivot suspension design. Setting new expectations for longevity, sensitivity and strength. LOOKS THE PART. BECAUSE IT IS. With a new-gen approach to our shortest travel bike, the SB120 now has a frame silhouette that's inspired by its longer-legged siblings. Torsional precision and impact clearance has increased, without transferring unwanted feedback to the rider. And the refined Switch Infinity makes this bike punch well above its weight. UNPARALLELED FEEL. FOR ALL RIDERS. Every rider deserves a frame feel that's tuned for them, regardless of frame size. Over the course of hundreds of virtual simulation comparisons and back-to-back carbon prototype testing, we've refined our carbon layups to deliver consistent torsional stiffness and flex profiles across all frame sizes. The feel is precise yet compliant while structurally balancing light weight and durability. SPEED METAL. Our new pivot designs use 100% standard sized cartridge bearings secured with precision-machined floating collet axles. All bearings are pressed into the linkage assembly vs the swingarm or front triangle. LEVERAGE RATE. A relatively linear progression curve gives riders usable, active travel at 30% sag – a far greater margin than other 120mm travel bikes. The SB120's small bump compliance delivers incredible traction. Its supportive mid-stroke ensures riders don't blow through travel when pushing against the suspension in turns or when getting the wheels off the ground. Oh shit moments are handled with ease – the curve has been tuned with increased bottom-out control. CABLE MANAGEMENT. Internally routed cable tubes with secure closures at entry and exit points eliminate rattles and cable rub. Whether running a mechanical drivetrain and dropper or a wireless setup, cable management is intuitively easy and quiet. THREADED BB. Threaded aluminum bottom bracket shell with integrated ISCG-05 tabs. This critical drivetrain interface is now more durable, cleaner, and easier to service. UNIVERSALLY READY. If a hanger bending crash occurs, the new Yeti models use the Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) interface — the industry standard mount for a rear derailleur. The UDH is available in nearly any bike shop, Yeti dealer or not. FULL DROP. As the capability of our bikes continues to increase, so does their ability to run modern day, full-stroke dropper posts. Our seat tube is shorter to allow for a longer dropper posts. Most riders will be able to use a 150mm dropper posts on Small frames*, 175mm on Medium frames*, and 200mm+ dropper posts on L-XXL frames*, respectively. *Dependent on actual seat height on specific bike size. MICRO WISHBONE. MEET ULTRA COMPACT EXTENDER. An all-new ultra-compact, minimalist, 1-piece shock extender was designed specifically for the demands of the shorter travel SB120. It optimizes leverage rate while pushing the shock forward in the frame. This forward positioning allows for a large range of shock compatibility, decreases stand-over height, reduces shock tab sizes, increases water bottle compatibility, and increases downtube clearance. MORE BALANCED AT SPEED. Its nimble reach darts through singletrack. Its steep seat tube angle makes light work of climbs. Its head angle and balanced vertical suspension travel prioritize downhill fun, making it an incredible Trans-Cascadia style race whip. Point is, the SB120's geometry is so balanced and agile, forgetting how much travel it has on the way up and down is totally possible. 1. A REACH FOR AGILITY A more neutral position keeps riders weighting both wheels more evenly with a modern reach for agility, keeping things spritely. 2. BALANCED VERTICAL TRAVEL Modern head angles are slack, so we run more front travel than rear travel to balance the bike. This delivers a brilliantly balanced ride. 3. SIZE SPECIFIC CHAIN STAYS Chain stay length increases with frame size, ensuring the rear center of the bike is proportionately correct for riders of all sizes (XS-XXL). 4. SIZE SPECIFIC SEAT TUBE ANGLES Riders of all sizes stay in a powerful pedal position with seat tube angles that increase with frame size. This makes the transition from seated to standing easier, especially for taller riders.
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Meet the bike in between nothing. Leaving no rider wanting. Master of the climb, the bomb, the rail and the air. The utterly unequivocal. The rule crusher. The trend buster. No rig can rule all, but this one can absolutely rule. The mountain bike.
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