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Steadyrack E-Bike Rack

Steadyrack E-Bike Rack
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Steadyrack's eBike Rack has been designed to be our most flexible rack yet! Whether you have a heavy electric bike you don’t want to lift, a bike with fenders/mudguards, or a commuter bike with larger tires – the eBike rack is suitable for heaps of different bikes.

Bike Racks for Electric Bikes
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that there’s no denying that eBikes are on the rise. A bike for everyone, they’re a hit with the young and old, commuters and weekend-only riders, professional mountain bikers and those just starting out. There’s an eBike for everyone so we want to make sure there’s an electric bike rack for everyone as well!

The newest addition to the Steadyrack collection, our eBike Rack is now one of our most versatile racks. Our eBike Rack not only accommodates heavier electric bikes but also eBikes with Fenders and Mudguards – making it not only the perfect bike rack for electric bikes, but for many kinds of bikes.

eBikes have a lot of pros – they make cycling more accessible to the masses and make riding longer distances easier – which in turn leads to less cars on the roads. All these benefits don’t make them any lighter though, with some eBikes weighing upwards of 65 pounds. We don’t know about you, but the last thing we want to do after a nice long bike ride is to haul an extremely heavy electric bike over our heads. That’s where a Steadyrack comes in!

No Heavy Lifting Required with Steadyrack’s Electric Bike Rack
With Steadyrack eBike Racks, there’s no need to lift your electric bike at all – simply roll your eBike into place and store it easily. The design of the wall mounted eBike rack will pick the bike up off the floor for you. As each Steadyrack has a unique 160° pivot, it also makes getting to your eBike charger much more efficient and frees up your precious storage space.

Electric bikes can be chunky and take up valuable space in your home, garage, or shed. So, in order to protect them (and save space), it’s important to store them properly. An e bike wall mount from Steadyrack can be installed in your apartment – in the hallway, on the balcony, in your garage or basically anywhere with a strong enough wall. With space in homes becoming more and more valuable in built up cities and regions across the world, it’s easy to see why our e bike racks are used in garages, homes and sheds as a popular storage solution.

Our Steadyrack electric bike racks are also for eBikes with fenders and mudguards. Just make sure to check you have a minimum clearance of 2cm / 3/4 inches between the tire and the fender stays. Learn more about this, and check your eBikes suitability.

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