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Mad Alchemy Embrocation Pro+ Chamois Creme 120ml

Mad Alchemy Embrocation Pro+ Chamois Creme 120ml
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Our original chamois cream and protectant! The PRO+ is formulated to provide the highest level of protection against irritation, while feeling nearly invisible.

Thick enough to be effective, but not so thick that you’ll get that "wet diaper" feeling that way too thick creams leave behind.

PRO+ chamois cream is a gentle, veggie based, chamois cream, made from the highest quality ingredients available. PRO+ is a superior product and great addition to everyone's race day carryall. Maximum protection is obtained by using, all-natural, plant derived essential oils, known for their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, to protect your skin against friction and irritation while on and off the bike. PRO+ provides luxurious comfort and never feels goopy in your shorts like a lot of the competition's blends.

PRO TIP: Use a bit of PRO+ after the shower to combat and reverse early signs of saddle sores.


Cruelty Free

Petroleum Free

No Animal Testing

No Animal Ingredients

Handcrafted in New Hampshire

Made from USA sourced raw materials

Perfume Free (all natural essential oils provide our great scents)