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Mad Alchemy Embrocation Dark Matter Purifying Chamois Cream - 4 oz.

Mad Alchemy Embrocation Dark Matter Purifying Chamois Cream - 4 oz.
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Dark Matter Purifying Chamois Cream is a revolution in modern chamois creams. A formulation years in the making. Dark Matter has been designed not to be noticed. The formulation is light yet remarkably protective.

The secret ingredient in our Dark Matter is as old as the earth itself. Activated charcoal can absorb many times it’s own weight in toxins and is hard at work eliminating dirt, bacteria, and numerous other damaging microorganisms from your chamois. Reducing those little nasties, resulting in a cleaner chamois and reduction in saddle sores.

Essential oils are the other superstar ingredients in the cream. Ginger, Frankincense, White Grapefruit, Tea Tree and Coriander Oils all find their homes in Dark Matter. These plant derived and cold pressed essential oils provide protection against the growth of foreign organisms, which are fed by sweat and grime of the ride. Our Essential Oil blend also helps reduce inflammation of your sensitive bits, and studies show they can even help accelerate healing of damaged skin.

Ginger can reduce redness and bacteria. Frankincense is a natural astringent reducing pore size and reducing infiltration of microorganisms. White Grapefruit is often used to help clear toxins, while Tea Tree Oil can help reduce inflammation and swelling. Coriander has a lovely scent and can also provide cleansing properties.

In short, we’ve got you covered here. Purifying, cleansing and protective, this is a true revolution in chamois cream.


Cruelty Free

Petroleum Free

No Animal Testing

No Animal Ingredients

Handcrafted in New Hampshire

Made from USA sourced raw materials

Perfume Free (all natural essential oils provide our great scents)

Dark Matter doesn’t typically stain and washes out of lycra clean, but we do not suggest use with light colored fabrics. Wash separately. Do not wash with wool fabrics as color may transfer to wool and stain.