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First Ascent Hero Day Medium Roast Single-Serve Instant Coffee

First Ascent Hero Day Medium Roast Single-Serve Instant Coffee
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8 hand-crafted single-serve specialty instant coffee packets. Made one small batch at a time at our roastery in the heart of Crested Butte, Colorado (elevation 8,909 ft.)

Hero Day Blend is a medium, well-balanced full body coffee - perfect for those who like light smokiness and roasted notes, but not so much that it overwhelms the cup. Tasting notes include dark chocolate and candied almond. First Ascent instant coffee is a choice for camping, travel, or any other outdoor adventure.

We start by sourcing specialty-grade coffees that are in season from small farms and co-ops. We roast it just like we roast all our coffees, striving to highlight natural flavors and sweetness. Finally, we brew for quality and proper extraction, making sure that the final result is balanced — it is neither bitter nor sour. A hand-crafted instant coffee that is lightweight, convenient, and delicious.

Go ahead, throw some Hero Day specialty instant in your pack— you deserve great coffee no matter where your adventures take you.