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- For long tours these pads offer safety together with excellent performance in all situations. - For MT disc brake 2 piston - 2 single brake pads, 2 pad retaining bolts
7 Series Disc Brake Pads - Race compound offers maximum stopping power for those who push their materials to the limits
Magura spare part 2701658: one-piece forged 4-piston brake caliper for MT5, MT Trail, Sport, CMe5 (type 5006 4K), with rotatable connection and delivered incl. German ABE and brake pads. Brake pads: organic Material: Aluminum
$251.99 $359.99 30% Off
The Magura MT8 is the “Feather” of the Magura performance hydraulic disc brake range. Strutting a full-carbon brake lever, streamlined with Carbonlay, the race-tuned MT8 offers an unrivaled combination of braking power and stability, while weighing in at a mere 299 grams, making it the lightest brake from Magura. This two-finger Carbonlay brake lever is ergonomically designed to reduce strain on the hands, allowing you to easily and accurately apply all the braking power you need on technical terrain and long descents. If something feels off, simply adjust the lever to match your personal reach. The MT8’s 2-piston design generates confidence through its exceptional stopping power and steadiness in ruthless conditions. If you’re the kind of rider that counts grams to count medals, the MT8 earned its degree in Lightweight Performance. This model of the MT8 features a new flip flop lever design that eliminates left/right specifics. Set-up can’t get any easier. MAGURA MT8 NEXT DISC BRAKE FEATURES: Full-carbon brake lever Optimal heat resistance Ergonomic, 2-finger Carbonlay brake lever Tooless adjustment of lever reach and bite point Forged, 2 piston, aluminum brake caliper magnetiXchange brake pistons for easy brake pad replacement Compatible with all MAGURA Storm and Storm SL discs Claimed weight: 299g (lightest brake from Magura) Made, designed, and engineered in Germany Sold individually. Includes: lever, brake caliper, and hose Warranty: 5 year leak proof guarantee for brake levers and cylinders after providing the original proof of purchase
$10.78 $15.40 30% Off
Disc brake adaptors designed to mate Magura disc brakes with a variety of frame mounts and rotor sizes. - Includes hardware to mount adaptor to frame
Master cylinder assemblies for Magura brakes include a master cylinder, lever blade and handlebar clamp. Hose fittings and line are sold separately. Flip flop design allows unit to be mounted to either the left or right side.
- The Storm HC rotor is designed for extreme use and unparalleled braking performance under high braking forces.
$20.29 $28.99 30% Off
Magura type 4. 1 performance pads julie 2008 and prior - Performance series disc pads feature a soft, organic compound with excellent power, heat management, and modulation. - Steel backing plate
$21.69 $30.99 30% Off
Magura type 6. 2 endurance pads for marta 2009-11 louise 2007-9 julie 2009 - Endurance series disc pads feature a harder organic compound than the Performance series, giving them a longer wear life but less power. - Steel backing plate
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