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Body Care

This topical anti-chaffing cream is great for cyclists, runners, rowers, climbers, and anyone else that suffers from chaffing caused by repetitive motion and friction. It's pH balanced for EVERYONE! We don't make specific Male or Female products. It took close to a year to perfect what we believe is the best chamois cream on the market. After that we added 1000mg of CBD & 500mg of CBG. Riders tell us this is the best chamois cream. Especially when prone to saddle sores or numbness For best results we recommend using this with our other topicals & tinctures. Sports Gel is great before a workout (but apply after the chamois cream!), and Recovery Cream is the best product we know of for improved recovery post exercise. 2% of all of our Chamois Cream sales will be donated to Cycling Non-Profits. 4oz (118mL)
Our topical CBD lotion comes in a 4oz container. It has 1000mg of CBD Isolate and 500mg of CBG Isolate (NO THC). We've had better results with repetitive use. Especially on joints and tendons. We like to use it on our hands, joints, feet, lower back, or really anywhere we're experiencing discomfort. Great for after workouts or just a long and busy day. 4oz (118mL)
Our Sports Gel has 1000mg of CBD Isolate and 500mg of CBG Isolate (NO THC). We love using this on muscles and joints to warm them up before a good workout. It has a strong cooling sensation and works fast! 3.4oz (100mL)
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