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clothing & Gear essentials

Here's where we will get you set up with all the knowledge you'll need to enjoy the ride, stay safe, and stay strong.

Safety First

You're going to need some cycling personal protective equipment to ensure you get to keep enjoying your new pursuit!


Road, Mountain, City, or Path -- you need to protect your head.  We stock helmets for every taste, budget and discipline.


Long-finger, short-finger, cold weather, warm weather -- you need gloves. Not only do they protect your hands, they also provide better grip so you don't slip.


From super light carbon-sole race shoes to super safe lugged-sole adventure shoes, WRC is known for stocking a vast selection of cycling footwear.

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Protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays, flying bugs, and churned up pebbles.

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cycling clothes

"I LOVE my new bike, but do I HAVE to wear those silly clothes when I ride?"

No, you certainly don’t. In fact, if you enjoy blisters, saddle sores, bruises, being cold, wet, and miserable, along with comprehensive discomfort lasting days after your recent ride, by all means go riding in cotton T-shirts, nylon windbreaker jackets, gym shorts under sweat pants and those manky old Chuck Taylor high-tops you dragged out of the closet.

"Oh stop it – you’re just trying to get me to spend more money in your shop!"

You can buy your cycling specific clothing anywhere, and while we’d sure like to help you with your selections from our vast inventory, we’re actually more concerned with you thoroughly enjoying riding your new bike. And proper clothes do indeed add to that experience.

"Well, okay then, what do I need to know about bike clothes?"

Glad you asked! Let’s get some tips on general stuff followed by some detailed info on seasonal and discipline considerations.

Oh – and before we get started, rest assured we have plenty of cycling clothes that aren’t “silly.” In fact, many makers of cycling clothing have embraced this concept by producing clothes that work equally well on the ride and afterward at the brewpub. You aren’t required to dress like you’re riding Stage 17 of the Tour de France. (But if you want to, we can help with that, too.)

shorts & bibs

Lycra, spandex, baggy, enduro -- there's a lot to know.


Tops for every pursuit.


Keep the rain and the wind away.


Yes -- socks can make a difference in your comfort.

riding gear you need

Three essentials you need to carry to ensure you enjoy the ride.


You're going to get thirsty.  You have two questions to answer: what are you drinking and what's the vessel you carry it in?


You can carry an iced cooler with a deli sandwich, cream soda and a pickle, or you can do it like we do. 


Flat tires happen. Be prepared.