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Join us each week at New Image's Wheat Ridge taproom for a group ride hosted by New Image Brewing, Go4Graham, and Wheat Ridge Cyclery. The club meets at 6:30 pm every Wednesday (weather permitting). Any cancellations will be posted on this webpage and the Facebook event.  The 5/24/2023 ride is on, but there is a chance for some weather so be prepared. 

We'll hold weekly A and B rides that take participants on 60-90 minute rides through the areas surrounding the taproom.

The B ride is open to all ability levels with easy modifications to stay on paved trails and avoid roads if desired. The group leader will set a moderate pace (12-14 mph) for those looking to stay with the pack. Routes will be published here each week so that you can ride at your own pace and modify as needed. 

The B route can be found here. This route is about 13 miles.

The A route is open to faster gravel riders. This ride is a drop ride, but with a few stops. If you fall slightly behind, you should be able to catch up. With that being said, be prepared to ride decently fast. This ride averages around 18 mph. Groups may be split during this ride, so make sure to download the route.

The A route can be found here. Expect 85% pavement, 15% gravel over 30 miles.

After the ride, we'll be hanging out at the taproom where we will have beer and food specials as well as monthly raffles for merch and bike gear!

Come hang out, get some exercise and meet like-minded people. New Image has plenty of space in the taproom and on the bike racks!

Questions? Email

PLEASE NOTE: Riding on roadways and in group settings is inherently dangerous. Serious injury or death can occur even when exercising extraordinary care.  Riders ride at their own risk. By participating in group rides, all participants hereby release Wheat Ridge Cyclery and New Image Brewing, their agents, affiliates and entities from all liability.