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We are not currently under any mandated COVID restrictions. 

Please follow the CDC's guidelines while shopping with us.


As customers, it is up to you whether you wear a mask while in our store or not.

Despite the relaxed restrictions, COVID is still affecting our business in some unforeseen ways.

The bicycle retail industry has seen a huge surge in sales since the start of the pandemic, which has been wonderful!

Unfortunately, the supply chain has not been able to keep pace with the surge in sales.  Delays have caused a shortage of bicycles, parts, and accessories. There are shortages in raw materials, delays the manufacturing process, and delays in the shipping & delivery of our products. Because there are delays in the arrival of every part of the bicycle and at every step in the process to get a bicycle into the store, it is nearly impossible to provide an accurate and reliable estimate for when a particular bike might arrive.

Rest assured that we have an unprecedented amount of bikes on the way...literally THOUSANDS of bikes and millions of dollars worth of bikes and everything you'd need to enjoy your bike is on order. 

We are recieving inventory every day at a remarkable rate.  Despite the record sales, our inventory level is actually slowly increasing.  While we might not have what you are looking for in stock at this moment, it is probably on order and can be reserved for you when it arrives. 

Call us or stop in to find out if we can get you what you need in a timeframe that will work for you.

'On order' is the new 'in stock'  ;)